Athletic Philosophy

The word philosophy can be simply defined as "a system of values and beliefs that guides one's every action." Being a true winner is not an accident. To be a winner in sports you must have a game plan. This plan takes discipline, temperance, self-control, dedication, and practice. The apostle Paul challenged believers to run life's race to win. (1 Cor. 9:24-27). However, we need to consider what others will remember about us most - games or godliness. While it is true that we should never place games ahead of godliness, we must also never forget that a shoddy performance in any endeavor does not give others a good opinion of God. It is a sin to do less than our best. Our philosophy at Bethel Christian Academy is to use sports to teach students to give their utmost for His highest in sports and in everything we do. 

Our Teams

Girls Volleyball

Boys Basketball                                Girls Basketball

Track Teams

Fall Sports

  • Girls Middle School Volleyball
  • Girls High School Volleyball

Winter Sports

  • Girls High School Basketball
  • Boys High School Basketball

Spring Sports

  • Co-Ed Middle School Track
  • Co-Ed High School Track

To contact our Athletic Director with any questions or to schedule games, please email

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