Bethel Christian Academy currently has preschool from 8am-12pm. We are offering 3- and 4-year-old classes. We have 2-day, 3-day and 5-day options. The curriculum we use is All About Reading and BJU Pathways for Preschoolers. 



Our elementary students are taught using fun, creative, hands-on learning styles. We offer traditional education using a variety of curriculums. The main curriculum used is BJU. Through shared learning with other grades, we inspire intellectual growth and development through a Christian perspective. Our teaching strategies help students become more engaged and retain more material. All of our classes are taught with a strong Biblical emphasis. We desire to see our students love God, love others, display Christ-like behavior, realize all of their God-given potential in all areas of study, and believe in the dignity of all people. Curriculums used are BJU, Abeka, All about Reading, Apologia, Saxon, Mystery of History, and Learning Language Arts Through Literature.


Middle and High School

Bethel Christian Academy offers a rare combination of professional expertise and spiritual training that makes it a special place where students can grow and flourish. Come join our traditional approach to education, that is Christ centered, and enjoy an amazing learning environment. Bethel Christian Academy strives to make studies interactive, effective, exciting and to develop a love of learning in our students. All of our studies are Biblically based. A variety of hands-on learning activities, individualized lessons, creative, and traditional learning styles are strategies used to make the learning experience a success for our students. We also understand that learning is not always inside a classroom, so activities to reinforce our teaching are planned. As we strive to teach the students to love and seek God, we also want to build a love for others in each student. Many service projects and mission opportunities are a part of our school experience. We strive to see our students realize all of their God-given potential in every area of study, display Christlike behavior, have a fully developed Christian worldview, get along well with others, and have a respect for all in authority. We want our students to be prepared to meet the academic requirements of higher education and to have a sense of mission for our world. Curriculums that we use are BJU, Saxon, Apologia, and Abeka.



The hybrid school was created with the homeschool family in mind. We see the value in parent led teaching and training of our children. We also see the value of helping homeschool students be learners from other sources. This option has been designed and created to offer the best of both worlds.

Students will have full access to play sports, attend extracurricular activities, and attend classes two days a week.

This year we will offer an:

  • All Day Package: This will include every class and activity that we offer for the Hybrid Program.
  • A La Cart Packages:  You can sign up and pay for particular classes you want your student to attend.

Hybrid teachers at BCA will guide students and parents in what assignments/lessons will be required on their homeschool days, while also teaching the core new materials on the Tuesday and Thursday in the class portion.

We believe that family is important and working together with families will only enrich the lives of our children and encourage them to be wise learners. Our desire here at BCA is to work hand and hand with parents who desire to teach and train their children in wisdom and understanding of God’s word.

Academics is important, but character and Biblical understanding/application is just as important, if not more. We desire to equip and serve our students and parents in this hybrid school journey.